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The depth of Tiefenbach´s 60 years of experience is reflected in their product range, one of the most comprehensive in the world of water hydraulics, surpassing all other European and North American suppliers. Their large research budget ensures a continuing steady flow of new products and solutions for their customers.

Almost all of Tiefenbach´s valves employ an independent pilot circuit, operated using the high water based medium (HFA - 95/5) which is the main system fluid. For the press operator, the advantages in control, monitoring and trouble-shooting using a separate pilot circuit are so clear, most will not consider anything else.

A significant result of Tiefenbach´s development program is their new proportional technology with onboard electronics. Available for some years in oil hydraulics, this development remains unique in water hydraulics and has literally opened up new pathways, and has, among other things, massively reduced maintenance and installation time.

Knowledge of materials forms a major part of Tiefenbach´s assets and using this Tiefenbach engineers can match valve design and material selection to every application, whether the medium is water, HFA (95/5), seawater, de-ionised water, chemical solvents or even gas.

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