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Water Hydraulics and the Environment

Sun, wind and water; these are our renewable energy sources, all of them ultimately derived from the sun. They will all become the fuels of choice within the global energy supply - sooner than most of us think and probably sooner than many would wish. The depletion of fossil fuels is already leading to markedly higher energy prices.

We can now predict the time when world energy production will reach its peak, a time when we will become ever more dependent on energy imports from ever more sensitive parts of the Earth; for political, geographical or environmental reasons.

Water, on the other hand, has a virtually unlimited availability when compared with these fossil fuel sources.

Water, can be used by any number of centralised and decentralised technologies.

Water, does not burden the environment in the way that fossil fuel and other technologies do. It is particularly suitable for small scale, environmentally friendly, local applications.

Water, offers us the choice of applying regenerative energy sources, of reducing transport costs and their associated environmental risks, such as with crude oil transport across our oceans.

Our oil reserves are dangerously depleted and prices are rising continually. The widening gap between supply and demand means that oil prices may rise explosively in the coming years, with the smallest political spark sending prices rocketing to hitherto unheard of levels.

Water, in comparison has seen only moderate increases in recent years.

Water is not only better for the environment; when it comes to hydraulic control it is a more efficient transmitter of energy than oil-based products. It is faster and more precise. It is inherently and totally flame resistant and it is far healthier in the workplace. And it is much cheaper than oil, is available everywhere (it literally falls out of the sky) and even your insurance premiums are lower when water is your medium of choice. Ask your insurance agent.

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